An active and energetic dog who fractured his spine in a freak accident before an agility class is able to walk and run again after highly skilled spinal surgery at Kentdale Referrals.

Four-year-old Mo, a working cocker spaniel, underwent the life-changing procedure and such was the seriousness of his condition that owner Olwyn Hewitt, from Cleator Moor in Cumbria, thought she may not be taking her beloved pet home again.

Olwyn said: “Mo was playing with a friend’s dog, and I believe they must have collided. Mo let out a long distressing scream and when I reached him, he was unable to move and obviously in a great deal of pain.

“A Vet who was taking part in the agility competition with their own pet examined Mo and recommended he be taken to a local veterinary surgery, where he was checked and X-rayed.

“There was no improvement in Mo’s condition overnight and he was then referred to Kentdale, where it was explained in detail what the injury was, the recommended procedure and all the possible outcomes.

“It was a very emotional reunion after the surgery, especially as we didn’t know what to expect. His rehabilitation has progressed really well, and all my agility friends cannot believe how well Mo has recovered. Apart from a slight limp, is back to his cheeky self.”

Gemma Holloway, European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery here at Kentdale, led Mo’s complex operation to repair the spinal fracture, together with Graham Hayes, RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Surgery.

Gemma said: “It was a complicated surgery with very narrow corridors to place implants, with risks of bleeding, paralysis and respiratory difficulties for Mo. I advised the creation of 3D bridge drill guides to improve the accuracy and safety of implant placement.

“The operation went as well as we could have possibly hoped for and I’m delighted Mo has made excellent progress since his surgery and is bright and active once again.”

Olwyn added: “We really cannot thank Gemma and the team at Kentdale enough. Without their skill and care we wouldn’t have Mo home with us today.”