• Your Pet Referral Appointment

Should your pet require a referral to a Specialist, you will need to discuss this with your local Vet first, who will contact Kentdale on your behalf. Following this a member of our Client Care Team will contact you to arrange an appointment directly. 

If your pet needs to be seen urgently, your local Vet will need to telephone Kentdale to arrange the referral. Following this a member of our Client Care Team will contact you to arrange an appointment directly. 

What to Bring:

Your local Vet will be asked to provide Kentdale with a letter of referral containing details of your pet’s relevant history and summary of the condition. You may be asked to bring this with you, along with any x-rays, scans or other information supplied by your Vet.

It is a good idea to make some notes about your pet’s history, e.g. dates of events, symptoms or signs that you have noticed, and any queries or concerns you have to help when discussing your pet’s condition during the consultation. You should bring any relevant insurance documentation, including a blank claims form. You will also need to bring a means of payment with you.

Your Appointment

It is important that pets are brought to Kentdale by their owner to ensure that detailed questions about the pet’s history can be answered, along with responsibility for decision making and financial considerations.

Should your pet be admitted on the day, we will ask for signed consent for any procedures which have been decided upon. It is very important that you have a full understanding of your pet’s condition and the implications of any proposed investigations and treatment. If you have any doubts at any stage, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

Please arrive 10-15mins before your appointment to allow your pet to register and for any paperwork to be completed. If appropriate, please remember your cat or dog will need to fast before the appointment. If your pet is taking prescribed medication, follow the medication plan as advised unless otherwise stated.

What to Expect

During your appointment, the Vet will take a detailed history of your pet’s medical background as well as the current problem.  A thorough clinical examination will then be performed, and any findings and provisional diagnoses will be discussed in detail with you.  Your pet may then go home after the consultation with suggested management or treatment. However, further tests or procedures, e.g. blood tests, imaging (X-rays or scans) and/or surgery,may be required.

Whilst we will make every effort to perform investigations and diagnostic imaging on the same day as the consultation, it is likely that any necessary surgery will be performed at another date. As such, it may be that initial work will be done on the day of your appointment and that your pet may be hospitalised for further diagnostic and possible surgical procedures to be carried out over the next few days, depending upon circumstances.  It is also possible that your pet may need to go home after the consultation (possibly on treatment) and return for diagnostic or surgical procedures at a later date.

If you cannot keep your appointment or are held up in traffic, please let the practice know as soon as possible.

  • There’s never a problem speaking to our lovely receptionists at Kentdale Vets to book an appointment; my little girl would not be with us now without Jan, her surgeon and the brilliant nurses that looked after her.

    Stephen – Nancy’s owner

  • If I could give a higher score, I would! This being our second referral, it has felt like coming home, and to feel that when we arrive with major trauma to our dog is wonderful. Immediately we were in smiley, reassuring, safe arms again, and our crisis rapidly disappeared. The immediate welcome from the reception staff to Kirstie, amazing Joe and even the reassuring and friendly night nursing staff all let us know our precious boy was in very safe hands. Can't speak highly enough - and this is a consistent standard.

    Ani – Floyd’s owner

  • Great communication between myself and the staff was kept updated, and they took great care of my dog! The operation went perfectly, and the scar has healed nicely, considering its place! Gave simple and easy-to-follow after-care steps!

    Kim – Bella’s owner

  • Felt my dog was safe with you, and treatment would be done with his best interests coming first. Follow-up physio with Genie and now Emma were excellent. Friendly staff.

  • I cannot say how amazing Kentdale is; your exceptional service and kindness. Thank you.

    Victoria – Lulu’s owner

  • All the staff go out of their way to be helpful. Nothing is too much trouble, and no question is considered stupid or a waste of time. They treat my dog, Riley, with respect and kindness and me the same. I can’t thank them enough for their help on what has been a rough road for Riley and us.

    Pat – Riley’s owner

  • Excellent doggy care. Nothing too much trouble, and the team all look happy in their jobs. Simon was great with us, and Henry kept us informed and gave clear explanations. Definitely would recommend it.

    Alison – Henry’s owner

  • Full confidence in the skills, equipment and expertise of the whole team. Assured by the staffing levels to respond to unplanned events during procedures and recovery. Across the team, the ability to explain and advise.

    Graham – Winston’s owner

  • The team have been so helpful in looking after Cuin and ourselves after what turned out to be a traumatic experience. We can't thank them enough and would definitely recommend their services.

    Cuin’s Owners

  • Expertise, kindness, empathy, time spent explaining incredibly difficult situations. Efficiency.

    Pet Owner

  • I really felt like me and my dog Mollie were being looked after as soon as we walked through the door. Friendly faces on reception and Jan the consultant was very thorough, friendly and I felt Mollie was in very good hands.

    C. Waterhouse, Pet Owner

  • Very nice waiting area where thought has been given to the layout for having multiple pets in at the same time. Friendly and welcoming staff. Very thorough and professional vets.

    Pet Owner

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