Best in Class Diagnostic Imaging

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we are upgrading our CT equipment. We have invested in a new state-of-the-art CT scanner as part of our commitment to delivering the best in class diagnostic imaging.

Next month we will take delivery and commence the installation of our high-specification 32-slice GE Fixed Revolution ACT, which will ensure that Kentdale stays at the forefront of the veterinary industry.

Our leading-edge CT scanner will support our Specialist-led team in providing exceptional levels of image quality, with the ability to image multiple slices at once, enabling images to be acquired in much less time ensuring patient safety and accurate diagnosis.

CT is especially useful to help investigate and assess the following conditions:

·       Contrast studies: CT contrast urography, portosystemic shunts

·       ENT: middle ear disease, nasal disease

·       Orthopaedic: elbow dysplasia, bone pathology, neoplasia, osteomyelitis, 3D reconstructions

·       Oncology: staging of neoplasia and as an aid to planning surgical interventions.

Advanced Imaging  – CT

At Kentdale Referrals, we provide access to CT imaging via two different referral routes. ‘Advanced Imaging Referral’ or an ‘Outpatient – Imaging Only Referral’.

Advanced Imaging Referral:  This is a referral to see one of our Specialists. The patient will be taken into our care and treated as deemed appropriate by our team.

Outpatient Imaging Only: The patient is assessed for fitness to have sedation/GA. The areas imaged are completed exactly as requested and sent back to you for further treatment. Copies of the images taken and the report from Antech Imaging Services will be forwarded to you after the appointment.

While ‘imaging only’ scans are available, we strongly advise an ‘imaging and report’ service, which includes a comprehensive written report by a Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging (Antech Imaging Services).

Our team are happy to discuss with you which type of scan would be most suitable for your patient and the clinical condition being investigated.

Accessing Kentdale Outpatient Imaging Service

Our outpatient imaging service will be available every Thursday and is operated by Indre Petrauske, Surgical Intern and supported by our dedicated team of RVNs.

Should you have an imaging request outside of these times, please contact our team on 015395 67241 who will be happy to discuss availability with you on a case-by-case basis.