A huge 60kg dog called Titch has received a massive boost after undergoing surgery here at Kentdale to provide a lifetime cure for a debilitating lameness in his hind legs.

Two-year-old Newfoundland Titch was suffering from severe hip dysplasia with secondary osteoarthritis when he was referred to us for expert care.

Simon Roch, a Specialist in Small Animal Surgery here at Kentdale, admitted Titch’s size was a big challenge and revealed the two-hour, life-changing operation needed two vets and two vet nurses to cope with his size and weight.

Simon said: “Titch was suffering from bilateral hindlimb lameness caused by severe hip dysplasia with secondary osteoarthritis.

“We performed a right hip replacement, removing the femoral head and replacing it with a cemented stem and a steel head.


“The acetabulum (socket) was reamed and a cementless metal and polyethylene cup implanted.

“This has provided a new joint surface that will not develop osteoarthritis and it’s expected that the artificial hip will now last for the rest of Titch’s life.”

Titch recovered well from surgery and was weight-bearing within just 24 hours, although any exercise was severely restricted for the first six weeks after the operation.

Simon explained: “We advised that Titch should be kept restricted in one room of the house and just have short five-to-ten-minute walks on a lead three to four times a day with the help of a support band.

“Titch also underwent nine physiotherapy sessions to help with his recovery and rehabilitation and is now doing very well and enjoying walks and adventures once again.”

Owner Chermaine Hewitt, from Preston, said it was a traumatic ordeal, however, she was full of praise for Simon’s expertise, communication skills and understanding of her fears and anxieties.

She said: “I met Simon for the first time with Titch and safe to say I was a slight wreck with a million questions.

“I was panicking about the success rate, panicking about Titch being under anaesthetic, panicking about the statistics Simon had told us.

“Just total panic really, but they treated us so well and had great patience. Simon answered absolutely everything, even after we left, when I’d thought of some more questions, he called and answered them all.


“The day I dropped him off for the new hip surgery, though, I was so scared that I even sent a letter in with him saying what he likes and doesn’t, asking the vet nurses to cuddle him for me.

“I needn’t have worried. I got a call updating me before and during the surgery, just to keep me informed when he was starting and also that all was going ok.

“Then Simon called me when it was all done and answered all my questions. He didn’t rush the call; he was so brilliant and it was instant relief to hear the operation had gone well.

“He really was an instant ‘bounce back’ case and now loves going for long runs on the beach, he loves the water and often drags me into it and he shoots around the field treks we take him on.

“I’m so grateful to Simon and Kentdale. I must say from start to finish they have been amazing.

“From the reception team on my very first call right through to the physio team a year on and helping Titch with his laser treatment. They were wonderful every step of the way and we cannot fault them.”