A troubled pet left battling to maintain its mobility has made dramatic progress thanks to our multidisciplinary approach.

Ollie, an eight-year-old labradoodle, has been receiving ongoing care here at Kentdale since February.

He has undergone operations on both his front legs combined with regular physiotherapy, massage sessions, and laser therapy at Kentdale.

EBVS and RCVS recognised Small Animal Specialist Jan Beranek believes Ollie’s care was a shining example of our expert team combining their skills and knowledge to ensure a positive outcome.

Jan explained: “This was very much a multidisciplinary effort, with Ollie’s treatment starting back in February when he was first referred to us for potential left hind cranial cruciate ligament issues.

Gemma Holloway, our ECVS board-eligible Clinician in Small Animal Surgery, saw him and opted for conservative management of the condition.

“This has involved regular physiotherapy appointments and, significantly, no surgery has been necessary for the problem thus far.

“At the start of May, Ollie was found to be suffering from lameness in his front legs and saw our resident in Small Animal Surgery Joe Higgins.

“Joe examined Ollie and carried out a CT scan which highlighted coronoid disease present in both elbows and he subsequently suggested advanced scoping and elbow arthroscopy of both elbows.

“I carried out this treatment the following week and a subtotal coronoidectomy was also performed to remove the problematic boney fragments and adjust the weight loading distribution in the elbow to reduce the risk of re-fragmentation.”

Happily, Ollie recovered well following his surgery and was discharged on the same day, albeit on restricted exercise for the next four weeks.

Six weeks after his surgery, Ollie was re-examined and started his physiotherapy sessions with our veterinary physiotherapist Emma Woof.

Emma said: “Ollie has been coming for physiotherapy treatment which has included laser therapy (Class IV), massage, and a range of motion techniques, while we have also tailored home exercise plans every few weeks as he gradually returns to normal exercise.

“We are all very pleased with his progress and are confident this combined approach and ongoing physio will see him continue to improve.”