Interesting Case of the Week – Jessie the Beagle

Meet Jessie the Beagle!

We first saw Jessie when she was referred to us after being missing for 9 days. At the time she was found, it was apparent that she had been involved in a road traffic collision whilst being missing, and as a result was referred to us to undergo emergency treatment.

Once at practice, it was important that we were able to rule out any life threatening injuries, therefore a CT scan was performed. Further radiographs were undertaken and these revealed a complete articular fracture of the right elbow.

The team at Kentdale used a bone plate and seven screws to realign and stabilise the challenging bone fragments. As Jessie also had a deep laceration on her left paw, that was also cleaned and sutured before being bandaged to allow the all-important healing process to take place.

Throughout her visit to Kentdale Jessie was a superstar patient and we are looking forward to seeing her again for her re-examination. We all hope that she hasn’t been on anymore adventures since we last saw her!