A beloved labradoodle unable to walk after playing with a frisbee is back on all four paws following treatment here at Kentdale.

Eight-year-old Elsie was referred to us after she started limping, which very quickly progressed to her being unable to bear weight on her rear left leg while clearly being in pain.

A detailed diagnosis discovered a left hind cruciate ligament rupture with torn meniscus, which are C-shaped pieces of cartilage that act like a cushion between the shinbone and your thighbones.

This required an urgent operation to repair the damage and give Elsie the best chance of using that leg again.

Grateful owner David Crowe from Kendal said: “Playing frisbee was the immediate cause of Elsie’s lameness but we were told it is a degenerative condition and the ligament would already have been weakened.

“We were worried but Kentdale Vet Joe Higgins, who led the operation, thoroughly explained the procedure and the rest of the team were very welcoming and attentive to Elsie from reception through to physiotherapy.”

Elsie’s operation involved a tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO), while the meniscal tear was removed. Elsie’s intensive care was completed with a 12-week course of physiotherapy.

Toby Gemmill, Managing Director at Kentdale, said: “Elsie was presented to Kentdale with acute onset of non-weight-bearing lameness on her left hind after exercise. She required care from our surgery, nursing and physiotherapy teams and I’m delighted to say it’s been a very successful outcome. Elsie has regained even muscle mass and continues to build up her walking distance. It was a real team effort to get Elsie back on her feet and we’re delighted to see the progress she’s making.”

Elsie’s owner David added: “Kentdale provided a very high standard of care throughout, coupled with a transparent enjoyment in their work. Elsie now moves well and jumps on the sofa as before. You cannot tell that she’s gone through the operation, although there’ll be no more frisbees!”