We are thrilled to announce that two outstanding members of our team, Lauren Bowie and Katie Stott, have achieved Anaesthesia and Analgesia advanced certificates! 🏅

Lauren shared her thoughts on this achievement, “The Advanced Nursing Certificate in Anaesthesia and Analgesia has helped enhance my knowledge of an area in which I hold a keen interest, it has helped me to approach each case thinking about individual patient needs and tailoring their nursing care based on published literature and research to ensure a high standard of care is provided to all our patients”.

Katie also expressed her excitement, “The advanced certificate has hugely improved my knowledge and skills in anaesthesia and pain management. This has allowed me to have greater understanding and confidence in more complicated cases and to provide optimal patient care for each and every individual patient. With both of us having completed this certificate it allows us to have in-depth discussions with each other, the vets, and the rest of the team to improve protocols and ensure that every patient receives the best, evidence-based care possible”.

Their dedication to advancing their skills and knowledge in this critical field is truly commendable. Congratulations, Lauren, and Katie! 🙌