Daisy’s blooming marvellous after Kentdale care

The owner of a 12-year-old Dalmatian, which suddenly went lame in its hind legs, has spoken of her delight at seeing her precious pet back on all fours, thanks to the work of our team here at Kentdale.

Caz Stancer, from Blackpool, was alarmed by Daisy’s rapid decline and her beloved dog was referred to our expert team to investigate the problem.

An MRI scan revealed Daisy had two herniated discs (T13-L1 and L7-S1) and required a delicate operation to solve the problem.

Our ECVS Resident in small animal surgery, Joe Higgins, took charge of the case. He explained: “I performed a dorsal laminectomy and discectomy to take the pressure off the lumbosacral spine and cauda equina nerve roots. Daisy recovered well and is now walking normally again.”

Caz said it was a worrying time, and she is now so relieved that Daisy is blooming again after surgery.

She said: “It all happened very, very quickly. One day she was fine; the next day, she was dragging her back legs, was very unsteady and was falling over.

“I felt awful when Kentdale revealed the cause of the problem; Daisy must have been in real discomfort for a while.

“Now, the difference in her since the operation is unbelievable. She’s improved so much and has even returned to doing things she enjoyed as a puppy.

“Joe and everyone at Kentdale were absolutely amazing, and I can’t thank them enough. I’m so grateful – and so is Daisy!”