A Lancashire dog owner has described her shock and dismay at seeing her tiny dachshund puppy left yelping in agony after suffering a broken leg in a freak accident.

The injury happened as Janina Brocklesby, from Lytham St Annes, was walking little four-month-old Rizzo with her other dog, a 14-year-old Doberman-Black Labrador crossbreed called Freeman.

Janina told how Freeman suddenly slipped and toppled on top of poor Rizzo and it was immediately clear the mini dachshund had come off second best to Freeman.

Happily, Rizzo has since made a full recovery after Specialist care here at Kentdale but Janina said she would never forget the awful moment her two pets collided.

She said: “Rizzo is a mini dachshund, just a few months old, and our big dog Freeman is a 14-year-old rescued, black lab-Doberman cross. We were out for a walk when Freeman suddenly slipped and fell on her. I knew there was a problem straightaway as Rizzo was crying lots and had a visible injury.

“We went to the emergency vets where she stayed overnight before being referred to Kentdale Referrals the following morning. The Kentdale team welcomed us with smiles and reassurance that Rizzo would be in good hands but it was still very traumatic as she had never been away from us before and is so tiny.

“Happily, the Kentdale team did a great job and Rizzo has recovered well and has never behaved like an injured puppy at all. That meant it was a long few weeks trying to keep her calm after the operation while the fracture fully healed.

“It was worth it, though, and we are super happy she can now have a normal puppy life, a normal dog’s life. That’s why I would absolutely recommend Kentdale Referrals. We were very happy with their constant communication with us and the excellent care and treatment that Rizzo received there.”

Graham Hayes, Specialist in Small Animal Surgery here at Kentdale, took charge of Rizzo’s case and quickly sent the pup for X-rays to highlight the extent of her painful injury.

Graham explained: “The radiographs were taken to determine the full extent of Rizzo’s problem and they showed a spiral fracture of the mid-diaphysis (middle of the tibia bone). Due to the age of the puppy and the expected rapid healing, this fracture was stabilised by closed application of an external fixator applied to the tibia.

“Surgery lasted an hour and particular care was taken to ensure the four pins of the fixator avoided Rizzo’s fracture, her growth plates and physes (a radiolucent line in skeletally-immature patients).

“Rizzo recovered swiftly and was already using her leg very well just 24 hours later. Her condition continued to improve all the time and she was soon allowed home to continue her recovery.”