Splendid Seren enjoying new lease of life courtesy of Kentdale

A female border collie referred to us here at Kentdale has been given a new lease of life thanks to our talented neurology team.

At almost 10 years old, Seren presented at Kentdale due to due to lumbosacral and severe hip osteoarthritis. This was following a traumatic luxation as a young one-year-old puppy.

As is the way with border collies, Seren lived her life at 100mph and enjoyed running around and playing with her owners.

However, her owner first picked up on the fact there was an issue with her when he noticed she was beginning to trip up the stairs at home.

Seren’s condition deteriorated further and she became miserable, depressed and quite clearly sore, so her owner, who is a vet at Oakhill Windermere, was concerned Seren was approaching end of life if we couldn’t improve her comfort levels and demeanour.

On arrival with us here at Kentdale, we carried out a CT scan of her spine and hips. The scan showed there was moderate compression impinging on nerve roots near the base of her spine Seren’s spine.

We opted to administer an epidural injection of steroid into the base of Seren’s spine to reduce the inflammation, with the caveat being if there was no improvement over the coming weeks then surgery would likely be needed.

However, happily the steroid injected had the desired effect and Seren is now back at home with her grateful family and enjoying a new lease of life without the pain of constant discomfort.

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