Meet Ollie a six-year-old life-loving Cocker Spaniel. Along with his best friend Barney, Ollie loves nothing more than a good run on The Lake District’s northern fells.

In September 2020 Ollie was referred to Kentdale following an overly enthusiastic dash over a wall to the beach at Tynemouth. Ollie immediately displayed signs of acute pain around his left elbow, and his audible cries of distress caused great concern for his owners.

As Ollie and his family were a long way from home Ollie was taken to a nearby General Practice surgery for examination and was prescribed pain relief to make him more comfortable ahead of the journey back to his local Vet in Cumbria. Ollie’s local Vet then referred him to Kentdale under the care of Specialist in Small Animal Surgery Graham Hayes who diagnosed Ollie with a Y-condylar fracture of his left elbow.

A Y-condylar fracture is a challenging three-piece fracture affecting the joint surface that requires immediate surgery for a good outcome. During surgery, two plates and fourteen screws were used to reconstruct the bone, taking care to align the joint surface perfectly. The surgery went very well, and we delighted to share that Ollie has recovered well and his family are thrilled to have their life-loving cocker who is bursting with energy back to full health.

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