A tiny dog who suffered a ruptured cruciate knee ligament while out on a walk has made a remarkable recovery after specialist surgery here at Kentdale.

Billy, an eight-year-old Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross weighing just 3.4kg, barely more than a single brick, was left crying out in pain after the accident and couldn’t put his right hind leg to the floor.

However, Billy has bounced back brilliantly after expert care from our specialist veterinary surgeon Graham Hayes.

Graham explained: “Little Billy arrived at Kentdale suffering from hind leg lameness which X-rays showed to be a ruptured cruciate ligament, the most common cause of hind leg lameness in dogs.


“We operated for two-and-a-half hours to successfully repair this with a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy.

“This involved changing the angle at the top of the tibial plateau (shin bone) by cutting the bone, rotating it and stabilising it in a new position with a plate and screws.

“Surgery went well and, six weeks later, Billy’s follow up X-rays showed good healing. He is now happily running on the beach again!”

Billy’s owner Emma Dever, from Lancashire, is head of nursing services here at Kentdale and described her beloved pet’s ordeal, saying: “We were on a walk in the fields when Billy suddenly started to cry and wouldn’t put his right hind leg to the floor.

“When I was told it was a cruciate injury there were mixed emotions. I was pleased there was a good prognosis for this procedure, although worried about the operation and aftercare.

“Working at Kentdale, I knew he was in safe hands and would receive excellent care and Billy is doing so well now you wouldn’t know he’d had surgery.”