We are thrilled to announce the arrival of leading-edge technology at Kentdale Referrals.


The NanoScope™ operative arthroscopy imaging system is a chip-on-tip NanoScope system that combines the latest technology in 1 mm imaging sensors, LED lighting, image management, and integration with an intuitive touchscreen control tablet.

The portability and user-friendly design empowers our Specialist-led surgical team to perform minimally invasive arthroscopy or endoscopy during preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative investigations.

The direct visualising provided by the NanoScope system provides an alternative to MRI imaging of the biceps tendon tear in the shoulder, meniscal tear in the stifle and second-look arthroscopy (staging of osteoarthritis).

The system offers precise, direct image-guided visualisation of injections. The small camera size allows nasal endoscopy in cats and small-breed dogs.

By utilising this advanced equipment, our patients will benefit from minimally invasive surgery with a reduced recovery time, reduction in post-operative pain, and a reduced risk of infection.

Electric Pen Drive

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our equipment lineup – the universal, modular, pen-shaped surgical power tool, ‘The Electric Pen Drive,’ set to revolutionise our neurosurgical and orthopaedic procedures.

With its wide range of attachments (burr, drill) and versatile foot or hand control options, it can be easily customised to fit the requirements of technically demanding surgical procedures.

The lightweight design of this brand-new power tool will maximise our Specialist-led teams’ comfort and reduce the risk during complicated procedures performed in the spinal canal and little bones of our patients.