We have two sterile operating theatres that are dedicated for orthopaedic use. Both incorporate positive pressure, laminar flow air conditioning with hepa filtration. This constantly removes airborne pathogens and reduces the chance of contamination during surgery. Our operating tables allow accurate patient positioning and incorporate carbon gel heat pads that safely warm the patients during surgery, yet cool down automatically if the temperature at the skin gets too hot. Proper lighting is vital during operations and both theatres are fitted with the latest dual head LED operating lights that provide intense, shadow free illumination with excellent colour rendition. Occasionally additional surgical head lights are worn by the surgeons when performing very delicate surgery. During surgery we routinely use radio-frequency generators to quickly seal blood vessels, reduce blood loss and enhance visualisation.

As we exclusively deal with orthopaedic and spinal cases, we carry a wide range of orthopaedic implants and instruments. This includes six sizes of ASIF bone plating kits, locking plate systems, linear and circular external fixators and a comprehensive selection of pneumatic surgical power tools.

Many joint problems are investigated using arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). We currently use a high quality digital arthroscopy system made by Stryker and Karl Storz, as used in many of the top human hospitals across the world. Arthroscopy involves placing a tiny fibreoptic camera within the joint which gives excellent visualisation of the cartilage and synovial structures. In some cases it is possible to perform arthroscopic surgery to treat the problem without resorting to open surgery. This may involve the use of specialised arthroscopy tools including our power shaver to remove bone or soft tissue or radiofrequency ablation probes to dissolve or tighten the soft tissues around the joint.

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